why choose aluminium


Introduction of aluminium

Aluminum is called as the young metal with its first presence in 1825 as recorded by the word chemical history when it was discovered by David, a British chemist. Nowadays, it has entered into every corner of our daily life.。
Aluminum is light but strong. For its unique properties including high durability, anti-osmosis, heat resistance, good electric conduction and anti-corrosion, combining with its 100% recyclable feature, aluminum can be found here and there, from small pieces such as bulb to big piece such as airplane.
Aluminum is one of the commonly used metals and much further exceeds steel, copper and zinc in terms of the increase of consumption volume. It’s usually applied in construction and transportation. It’s fair to say that aluminum is the metal that our human being will rely on in the future. With the growth of the population, we need more roads, buildings, enough airplanes and vehicles to carry increasing passengers. Out of question, aluminum can undertake the responsibility.
In addition, aluminum is favorable to improve environmental safety and alleviate the crisis of climatic change. Aluminum production now is one of the most environmental processes in metal and mining industry. Furthermore, aluminum can be recycled constantly with its properties remained. Traffic vehicles with energy benefits and the construction of environmental friendly buildings can all consider aluminum.
  • Abundant resources

    As the most abundant element in the earth, aluminum only lags behind oxygen and silicon. Bauxite is the only commercial ore that is used to produce aluminum. In the future, we may have more aluminum sources. Aluminum production nowadays will make the bauxite reserve able to be mined continually for more than 100 years.

  • Strong light

    2.7 (g/cm3) = 1/3 the weight of steel
    2.7(g/cm3)= 1 / 3Lighter than steel means it can reduce the consumption of transportation energy. For its advantage on weight, aluminum can also be applied in building under assembly and other Apps.

  • Fireproofing

    For its feature of fireproofing, aluminum is widely used in building and transportation. High temperature melt with its smelting point above 660 degree can form a very thin membrane without giving out any gases.

  • Easy to form

    Aluminum is characterized by lower smelting point and tenacity. It’s easily formed in cold or hot state, which makes it meet the flexibility for transportation tools and building designs.

  • Thermal and electrical conductor

    Aluminum is a good conductor, twice than copper. Because of this, aluminum now becomes the best choice for electric transmission system for energy saving, such as transportation components.

  • Excellent reflector

    Aluminum can reflect heat and combines with the light. Its advantage in weight makes it used on the reflector installed on lighting fixtures to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

  • Long life span, less maintenance

    Aluminum can form protective anodizing film, which makes it has strong corrosion resistance capability, thus prolonging its life span in auto and building articles, and minimize the need of maintenance and replacement caused by environment influence.

  • Easy to recycle

    It just needs a little energy to remelt aluminum. The overall loss during remelting is lower than 3%. The circulation rate of aluminum products and alloys can achieve 97% or above, very high. Therefore, we should encourage using aluminum products and alloys since aluminum is a kind of raw material that can be completely recycled.