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Strong Cooperation Between ALUK & PMI, a New Epoch for Door& Window Systems

ALUK Wall, Door & Window Systems (SH) Co., Ltd and GD Press Metal International Ltd have signed the Exclusive Cooperative Framework Agreement on the 24th of June, 2015, which has indicated the development of ALUK’s door & window systems in the China market

In 1985, ALUK first introduced the high performance systematic doors & windows characterized by energy saving into China and gradually established its leading position in China market with its European series system, such as Schueco, AlLUK and Hydro.

In the past thirty years, AlUK has laid its root and foundation in the China market as a mileage for fusion to continual development. With its business philosophy to ensure quality and firm to abide by all contracts with positive attitude to explore and develop the business model as to suit the China market. In 2012, Cesare Dal Bon, the president of ALUK started to manage the China market personally with new review and adjustment on the business structure, which lead to an upgrading of the product systems and acquired remarkable effects and respond.

The Exclusive Cooperative Framework Agreement signed by ALUK and PMI this time is a crucial step for ALUK system toward “Optimum Combination Strategy”. Mutual international enterprise background, culture concept, value orientation and development strategy of globalization. It’s a great benefit to keep ALUK in a leading position for high-end door & window market. Both companies now join hands together to integrate resources and manifest stronger market competiveness of ALUK systems in term of quality, performance, circulation, and cost as to enforce and strengthen the competent in the market.